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Corrosion Resistant OCTG Engineered for Tough Environments

Operators need stronger, longer, wider and more corrosion-resistant alloys offshore. Only PCC Energy Group, the energy industry’s high-performance alloy pioneer, has the technology, products and expertise to help you tackle these challenges.

Key Benefits

Stronger Alloys

Our innovative OCTG products are available in a wide variety of advanced alloy materials, such as INCOLOY® alloy 945X®. This incredibly strong, age-hardenable nickel-iron-chromium alloy is the latest defense in the battle against corrosion.

Large Diameter Tubes
Larger Diameter

With advanced manufacturing and metallurgy capabilities, we deliver pipes in diameters of up to 20 inches, as well as precision-thin wall and heavy wall pipe across a range of metals—pushing production capabilities to a higher level.

Greater Lengths
Greater Lengths

PCC Energy Group's superior metallurgical processes and wide range of materials produce pipes in a range of three lengths up to 45 feet — minimizing points of failure and allowing for a more time-efficient case setting.

OCTG Products that Perform in the Extreme

Production Tubing

Made to order ASAP

  • INCOLOY® alloy 028
  • INCOLOY® alloy 825
  • INCONEL® alloy G-3
  • INCONEL® alloy C-276
  • INCOLOY® alloy 945X®


Mechanical Tubing

Made to order ASAP

  • INCOLOY® alloy 028
  • INCOLOY® alloy 825
  • INCONEL® alloy G-3
  • INCOLOY® alloy 945®/945X®
  • INCONEL® alloy 718®
  • INCOLOY® alloy 925
  • INCOLOY® alloy 725®


OCTG / Production Tubing and Casing

Duplex 22Cr (UNS S31803) 110 & 125
Super Duplex 25Cr (UNS S32750) 110 & 125
INCOLOY® Alloy 28 (UNS N08028) 110 & 125
INCOLOY® Alloy 825 (UNS N08825) 110 & 125
INCONEL® Alloy G-3 (UNS N06985) 110 & 125
Hastelloy® C-276 (UNS N10276) 110, 125 & 140

OCTG products produced in accordance with ISO 13680, API 5 CRA


2-3/8" through 13-3/8"

Standard API sizes and weights

Range 2 (25ft-34ft)
Range 3 (34ft-45ft)

Experience the Difference in OCTG

See how PCC Energy Group is redefining what's possible in the oil and gas industry with its high-performance OCTG.