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Texas Honing, Inc., brings together the capabilities essential to delivering finished, precision products for drilling, completion, production and more—so customers can move on to the next big thing faster.


Whether you need a single part machined or a turnkey solution, THI is prepared to handle it. We’re experts at jobs large and small, and treat every project with the same commitment to quality and service.

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Areas of Expertise


THI has always maintained that your part must be straight to service it. We provide an experienced staff and presses with the tonnage necessary to accomplish the job. We have more in-house presses available than any other firm.

O.D.: up to 16"


Honing is our primary business at THI. We have more spindles, more sizes and more capacity than any other firm. Whether you need something honed as small as .590” or as large as 26”, whether the part is only 6” in length or 720” in length, we have the tooling to meet your needs.

I.D.: .590" to 36" | O.D.: up to 40" | Lengths: 6" some sizes up to 720"


At THI, we’ve continued to re-engineer our boring equipment and tooling. We’re prepared to meet all of our customers’ demands with boring capabilities as small as 2” and as large as 28” (up to lengths of 30’).

I.D.: 2" to 40" | O.D.: up to 40" | Lengths: up to 30’


THI offers some of the most sophisticated equipment for CNC, off-center drilling, milling and turning. The finished products group is capable of producing parts to any customer specification.

CNC, milling, CNC off-center drilling, finished products


At THI, we’ve continued to re-engineer our equipment and tooling to provide a broader capacity of drilling services than any other firm. From a .125” hole and 6” in length to a 20” hole and 309” in length, we provide a consistent level of service to meet all the needs of our customers. Our capabilities in drilling services allow us to provide extremely quick turnaround.

Hole Sizes: .125" to 20" | O.D.: up to 40" | Lengths: 6" some sizes up to 309"


To meet the needs of our customers we offer various trepanning services. From a 1.75” hole to a 20” hole, we can service any part up to 360” in length.

I.D.: 1.75" to 20" | O.D.: up to 40" | Lengths: 6" some sizes up to 360"


THI maintains and operates a wide variety of lathes to meet the turning needs of our customers. Our experienced staff offers some of the longest-tenured operators in the industry. With this experience THI can turn parts as small as .125” and as large as 30” in diameter. No matter the length of your part, we have an operator and a machine capable of meeting your needs.

I.D.: .125" to 40" | Lengths: any length

EDM Services

Quality Assurance

Texas Honing Quality AssuranceTHI values the trust and confidence that our customers have placed in us, and we are committed to furthering our standards of excellence to meet the diversified requirements of technology.

In pursuit of excellence and improvement, we follow the written procedures in our Quality Assurance Manual. By incorporating a set of the customer’s own quality documents into our system, we are able to provide a matched set of forms to make documentation of those standards easy and efficient. At THI, we go the extra step to provide services which streamline our customers’ operations. It is this commitment to quality that marks THI as an industry leader in service, quality and satisfaction.

Of course, you can also ask our customers, who appreciate our abilities to follow through, trouble-shoot, coordinate and produce quality work with quality people.

Thanks to our high standards and engineering, THI has a solid reputation as a highly regarded and respected global service company meeting the needs of our domestic and international customers.

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Texas HoningOur experienced sales team takes pride in being responsive and proactive in value-added solutions.

We recognize at THI that, whether your order is one piece or one thousand pieces, it is of critical importance to you. Delivery date, pricing, and quality of each order is always our priority. Contact our sales team today and experience a better way to work with THI.

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