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Wilhelm Schulz GmbH and Schulz Xtruded Products

Schulz is a world leader in the manufacture of seamless pipes and fittings for the energy markets.

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Heat Treatment Plant

We offer a wide variety of heat treatments, different materials, components and dimensions. Nine stationary heat treatment furnaces are fired by gas burners and controlled electronically. We specialize in Heat Exchangers and Large Vessels and Machinery.

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Heat Treatment Plant

Schulz/SXP Documents

Steel Pipe FittingsExp: July 31, 2022
ISO 9001:2015Exp: May 31, 2024
TÜV - DGR PEDExp: May 31, 2021
Q-01 0026Exp: May 4, 2021
AD 2000Exp: May 4, 2021
ISO 3834Exp: May 4, 2021
01 202 640/HP 7/1-15 0001Exp: Sept 2024
Seamless and Welded Fittings & PipesExp: Dec. 2021
NORSOK QTR-001Exp: Mar. 2021
NORSOK QTR-002Exp: Mar. 2021
NORSOK QTR-003Exp: Mar. 2021
NORSOK QTR-004Exp: Mar. 2021
OHSAS 18001: 2007Exp: Aug. 2019
AS9100D / ISO9001:2015Exp: Mar. 2022
ISO 14001:2015Exp: Aug. 2022
API Spec Q1Exp: Mar 2024
APIQR ISO 9001:2015Exp: Mar. 2024
API Spec 5CRAExp: Dec. 2024
TÜV - 202 USA-Q-12Exp: Jan 2022