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Hackney Ladish

Seamless Weld Fittings

Custom Fittings For Critical Applications

We’re the industry leader in custom, high-end heavy-wall fittings and components for high-pressure, high-temperature, corrosive environments.

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Seamless Weld Fittings For Smooth Operations

Hackney Ladish Seamless Weld Fittings make every process-intensive facility more efficient by offering intelligent designs, consistently strong performance and the range of configurations you need to keep everything running smoothly. All from one of the industry’s leading names in high-performance fittings and forgings.


Maximum Flow Efficiency

Hackney Ladish Seamless Weld Fittings deliver superior flow performance via technically superior full effective radius and true circularity through the entire length.

Ease of Alignment

Since Hackney Ladish Seamless Weld Fittings agree with general pipe sizes in wall thickness, OD alignment automatically ensures ID alignment.

Smooth Inner Surfaces

Our fittings increase operational efficiency with uniformly small inner walls—enabling free and unhampered flow throughout the piping system.

Uniform Wall Thickness

Hackney Ladish Seamless Weld Fittings is mechanically worked under compression at forging temperatures: ensuring no buckling, stretching or weakening.

More Refined Grain Structure = More Strength

Our advanced manufacturing processes ensure that metal properties and physical characteristics are maintained at their most effective levels. The result? A more refined grain structure that improves both static and dynamic strength, toughness, yield point and fatigue resistance.

Maintain Design, Construction Efficiency

Because Hackney Ladish Seamless Weld Fittings need only plain circumferential welds, any qualified welder can integrate them into a piping system quickly and easily. And our fittings are adaptable to compact, space-saving layouts that help make the most of your facility.

Features and Benefits

  • Machine Bevel Ends
  • Permanent Identification
  • Full Effective Radius
  • Controlled Quality
  • Full Length Outlets
  • Heat Code Protection
  • Easy Insulation
  • Accurate Included Angle
  • Refined Grain Structure
  • Taper Tee Design
  • Long Crotch Radius
  • Freedom from Locked-In Stresses
  • Geometric Accuracy