Forging Ahead

Forming capabilities include state-of-the art extrusion and cold working assets for manufacturing tube and pipe products, one of the world’s largest pilger mills, and a unique hydroforming processes to manufacture fittings. Further enhancements include a 10-Roll CNC straightener and an automated phased array non-destructive, ultrasonic testing system to ensure quality products for the most demanding applications.

35K-Tom Press


30,000-Ton Vertical Press
35,000-Ton Vertical Press
14,000-Ton Blocking Press
12,000-Ton Horizontal Press
2,000-Ton, 20in (27.9cm)

Cold Work

Diameter Cold Draw Bench
1,000-Ton, Cold Roll Extrusion Press
Pilger Mill

Finishing and Inspection

Finishing & Inspection

10-Roll CNC Straightener
Phased Array UT
Pickling Capabilities