World Leaders in Titanium Technology

PCC Energy Group applies TIMET's unrivaled titanium manufacturing capability to critical energy sector challenges like offshore, deepsea, HPHT conditions, petrochemical, nuclear and geothermal.

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Key Benefits

High Strength

Titanium offers unique advantages, including the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element and superior corrosion resistance.

Leading Supplier

TIMET is the global titanium leader, supplying nearly one-fifth of the world’s titanium needs with an unmatched range of products and forms

Titanium Innovation

We have developed or co-developed most of the titanium alloys in use today, and continue R&D and innovation to create next-generation solutions.

Global Production

We are the only titanium supplier with both production facilities in both the United States and Europe, and we are the sole North American titanium sponge producer.


Proven Offshore Expertise

Titanium’s high strength, light weight and extreme corrosion resistance in seawater has made titanium pipe, flanges and risers popular on oil platforms in the unforgiving North Sea for decades. Now we’re engineering the next generation of titanium applications built to withstand deeper, high-pressure, high-temperature CRA well environments.

Thin-walled pipes

Decades of Dependability

In power-generating plants, where seawater, chlorinated water or brackish water is used as the cooling medium, TIMET titanium is used for thin-wall condenser tubing and comes with a 40-year warranty against failure under proper conditions.


High Performance Alloys

We are the only fully integrated domestic titanium producer from sponge to mill product, and independently manufacture 99.9 percent pure titanium sponge suitable for all titanium grades at our Henderson facility.

Downtime Denied

TIMET titanium alloy products withstand challenging geothermal environments like nothing else—reducing downtime and driving bottom line objectives.