Pipe & Tubing

Expertly Engineered

With the largest and most comprehensive pipe and tubing extrusion capability in the world, PCC Energy Group offers the widest variety of materials and sizes for all of your applications.

Key Benefits

Extrusion Capabilities

35,000-Ton Vertical Press
30,000-Ton Vertical Press
14,000-Ton Blocking Press
12,000-Ton Horizontal Press
2,000-Ton, 20in (27.9cm) Diameter Cold Draw Bench
1,000-Ton, Cold Roll Extrusion Press


From carbon to extreme alloys, our list of tubular materials range from various chrome grades to stainless steel, carbon steel, and duplex/super-duplex up to nickel and titanium alloys.

Metallurgical Expertise

Along with our manufacturing and alloy offerings, PCC Energy Group also combines the history and innovation of experienced metallurgists across the PCC family of companies to help provide answers for your most challenging environments.


All of our pipe and tubing processes are rigorously monitored, tested, and inspected with the level of PCC manufacturing quality to ensure the delivery of a product you can trust for the most demanding application.

Enabling Oil & Gas

For the oil and gas industry, we manufacture seamless and welded pipe and tubing for a variety of applications including CRA OCTG and mechanical tubing, co-extruded clad line pipe, umbilical and control lines, and process piping.

Powerful Pipe Solutions

PCC Energy Group serves the power generation market with transfer pipe, boiler tube, main steam pipe, hot re-heat pipe, flue gas desulphurization units and other products for nuclear, coal-fired, renewable, and combined cycle applications.

Technical Information

Specs and Certifications

We provide pipe and tubing products for defense industries, as well as various mechanical and structural applications using tubular products. The high-alloy nickel-casing and mechanical tubing products are used in the world’s most technically demanding industries and applications, including sour service, high pressure and high temperature.

Chemical processing products include pipe and tube for ethylene production, caustic soda production and heat exchanger tubes. We also make a variety of products for the medical and general industrial industries, including x-ray machines, thermocouple sheathing tubes for industrial furnaces, and boiler tubes.

Pipe Size Ranges

Length – Up to 60'

Outside Diameter – 0.5" to 48"

Wall Thickness – 0.054" to 7"

Tubing Size Ranges

Outside Diameter – 0.25" NPS to 6"

Wall Thickness – 0.020" to 0.864"

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