Processing & Refining

Integrated Solutions for Processing and Refining

PCC Energy Group provides smart corrosion solutions to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime—and expedited fabrication to fix things quickly if downtime strikes.



Prepare for the Unexpected

Our capabilities include rapid response problem solving associated with both planned and unplanned downtime to replace parts with corrosion-resistant clad pipes and tubes, and the expansion of refineries or installation of new refineries overseas.

Mission-Critical Metals That Fight Corrosion

Product forms available from nickel alloys such as INCONEL®, INCOLOY® and MONEL® and lightweight, high-strength TIMET® titanium fight piping corrosion to maximize uptime and protect your bottom line.


Specialty Seamless Pipe and Tubing

We are a single source U.S. manufacturer of precision, seamless pipe, tubing, spools and vessel components using CRA alloys for petrochemical applications, including SS347 clad reactor effluent piping, alloy C276 clad atmospheric tower overhead lines, and SS317L clad vacuum unit transfer and associated lines.

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We're Focused on Your Success

What sets PCC Energy Group apart in the processing and refining industry is our customer-centric approach with a focus on technical solutions. With unique expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we’re able to provide a full product portfolio to solve your most demanding processing and refining needs.

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