Dependable Deep-Sea Solutions

Our nickel and titanium alloys, CRA OCTG products, co-extrusion clad technology, and umbilical tubing help you succeed in the most difficult conditions.

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Dependable Deepsea Solutions

Engineering Offshore Advantages

Offshore conditions are like nothing else on Earth. E&P operators must contend with the additional difficulties of high temperatures, high pressures and extreme corrosion. PCC Energy Group is engineering the alloy and process solutions to overcome these unforgiving challenges.

Designed for Downhole Durability

Designed with oil and gas operations in mind, our INCOLOY® alloy 945X® was specifically designed to take on aggressive, sour wells containing high levels of hydrogen sulfide and chlorides, and elevated HPHT conditions.

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Forging Successful Outcomes

We have the world’s largest and most capable forging presses and an unrivaled staff of engineers, metallurgists and manufacturing specialists to serve the energy industry with advanced design forgings and high-end pipe applications.

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Connect to Success

PCC Energy Group has developed a unique continuous laser weld method to create continuous umbilical tubing up to 80,000 feet long—25 percent longer than the industry average.

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Leaders in Offshore Titanium

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant titanium alloys—with great strength and half the stiffness of steel—are providing engineers the strongest, most durable material available to counter the stresses and HPHT conditions of subsea environments.

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Superior Seamless Solutions

Our co-extrusion cladding process delivers the largest, longest, heaviest-walled seamless pipe, with metallurgical bonding stronger than conventional welding.

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