CO-X™ Cladding

Superior Seamless Performance

Our co-extrusion cladding process delivers the largest, longest, heaviest walled seamless pipe, with metallurgical bonding stronger than conventional welding.


Key Benefits

Metallurgical Bond

PCC Energy Group integrated expertise from multiple divisions to create a technology for the manufacturing of a seamless metallurgical bond.

Superior Size

Our manufacturing methods deliver faster production time for pipe as large as 30 inches in diameter and up to 12 meters in length.

Cost Savings

CO-X™ delivers the strength and corrosion resistance of a solid CRA pipe but with substantial cost savings.

Corrosion Resistance

CO-X™ delivers corrosion resistance to mitigate the harsh conditions found in power generation and oil and gas operations.

See the CO-X™ Difference

Watch this video to learn more about PCC Energy Group’s manufacturing process for CO-X™ co-extruded pipe.

Largest, Longest Seamless Clad Pipe

Our pioneering co-extrusion method produces the largest, longest seamless clad pipe in North America—in diameters of up to 30 inches—as well as precision-thin wall pipe across a range of metals.

Technical Info

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  • Metallurgically bonded seamless co-extruded pipe
  • Sizes: 6" NPS, up to 30" NPS, any combination of wall thickness
  • Lengths: Up to 12 m
  • Base Materials: X65, X70, 4130, 4330, A707, A333 and more
  • Clad Materials: Special Metals 625 and 825 and any grade of stainless steel

Typical Applications

  • Risers
  • Flow lines
  • Bends
  • Subsea spools
  • Jumper pipe


  • Produced at API-certified facility
  • Produced at an ISO 9001:2001 certified facility
  • Product certified to API 5LD and manufactured to DNV-OS-F101/F102
  • Fully inspectable using standard NDE techniques
  • OD or ID controlled design per API 5LD tolerances
  • Superior bond with typical shear greater than 50ksi


  • Starting 4 months ARO, then 1–3 km per month