PCC Rollmet

PCC Rollmet

Keep Innovations Rolling

PCC Rollmet sets today’s standard in internal roll and external roll manufacturing processes—so power, petrochemical, nuclear, aerospace and defense industry customers have the cylindrical shape assemblies they can count on.

There's Strength in Seamless

Learn more about the seamless pipe and tubing products PCC Rollmet helps make possible.

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Seamless Pipe and Tubing

Unmatched Product Range

We produce seamless high-strength pipe and tubes in nickel, stainless steel and ferritic alloys, as well as other non-ferrous materials such as CuNi, zirconium and titanium alloys, in diameters from 6" to 26".

Our Cutting-Edge Cold-Rolled Process

The unique PCC Rollmet cold-rolled extrusion process provides enhanced strength and superior corrosion resistance, while also offering precision diameter and wall thicknesses.

Cutting-Edge Cold-Rolled Process

Cylindrical Products That Outperform

From standard pipe schedules and close tolerances to thin-walled pipe and tubes in a wide range of materials, PCC Rollmet does it all—and all with the strongest metallurgical composition.

Fabrication processes

Whether you need internal roll extrusion or external roll extrusion, PCC Rollmet has developed the reliable solution to fit your project demands.

Quality for tough applications

Backed by a global network of service and support, PCC Rollmet has the seamless pipe and tube product lines that offer large-diameter, high-nickel alloy requirements for critical industries.

Superior Seamless Products

Take a closer look at the seamless capabilities PCC Rollmet brings to the table.

Seamless Nickel Alloy Solutions