Industry-Leading Capabilities

PCC Energy Group brings together the most advanced collection of alloys together with complex forging capabilities, high-performance pipes and fittings, HPHT downhole tubing, subsea umbilicals and precision-engineered components.

Energy Group Capabilities

The Energy Group’s range of capabilities includes melting, forming and finishing services. The Energy Group builds upon the strength of the PCC Metals Group, which is the union of TIMET and Special Metals, both industry leaders in research and alloy development for titanium and nickel superalloys, respectively.

Beyond metallurgical expertise, the Energy Group assets include some of the world’s largest forging presses, state-of-the art extrusion and cold working capabilities, and hydroforming processes.

PCC Energy capabilities
PCC Energy capabilities

Forging Successful Outcomes

We have the world's largest, most capable forging presses and an unrivaled staff of engineers, metallurgists and manufacturing specialists to serve the energy industry with advanced design forgings and high-end pipe applications.

Connect to Success

We developed a unique continuous laser weld method to create continuous umbilical tubing up to 80,000 feet long — 25 percent longer than the industry average.

Seamless Certainty

We are the premier forging company for power generation applications, with the largest and most comprehensive seamless pipe forging, extrusion and co-extrusion capabilities in the world.

Our seamless products use our own advanced alloys to drastically reduce risk in ultra-supercritical pressure boilers, gas turbine-combined boilers and other critical settings.